WordCamp Taipei 2019 is all about the community. Connecting with others opens up a variety of new possibilities. See the people around you; aren’t you curious about what brings everyone here today? Now, it’s your chance to make someone new! Two simple interactive games: First, find a person to talk and take a selfie together. Second, visit and talk with sponsors. Finally, collect stickers and get the limited WCTPE 2019 swags.
Meet People, Meet the World.
How to Play
  • Rule: Find a person, talk, take a selfie, upload to social media, and get 1 sticker.
  • Reward: Earn 1 point stickers.
Step 1
Find a person that has a different colour of name badge
Each attendee has a name badge, which is available in blue and yellow. Take your name badge and find someone with a different coloured badge. (For example, if you have a blue name badge, find someone with a yellow one, and vice versa.)
Step 2
Introduce yourself
After finding your partner, introduce yourself. Chat and get to know each other. You can talk about the occupation, the event, and exchange business cards.
Step 3
Selfie and upload to social media
After the conversation, find a good photo spot and take a selfie with the name badges together. Upload to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. Create a new post about today’s event with hashtag #WCTPE2019.
Step 4
Go to Registration Desk and receive 1 point sticker
Show the social media post to the staff to confirm and receive 1 point sticker. Only 1 point sticker can be collected for this game. After completing this game, proceed to the next game with sponsors to collect more stickers!
  • Rule: Visit sponsors and get stickers!
  • Reward: Earn up to 3 point stickers from sponsors (1 per sponsor).
Step 1
Visit sponsor booths and chat
Meet sponsors at their booth, and get to know their products, service or brand.
Step 2
Kindly ask the sponsor for 1 sticker
Earn 1 sticker after you chat with a sponsor.
You can get up to 4 stickers once you have completed both conference games. Limited WordCamp Taipei 2019 swags are waiting for you!
First sticker: a button pin
Second sticker: an EasyCard sticker
Third sticker: a cup sleeve
Fourth sticker: a WordCamp Taipei cup (limited) & a button pin
The game is designed to help you connect with others and make new friends. Please be friendly and respectful. No pushing. Before taking any photos, please let people know that they are being photographed and what the photos will be used for.